Eastern Component Sales




Since its inception in 1959, RLC has been the leading designer and manufacturer of high quality, 
state-of-the-art coaxial switches, band-pass filters, precision attenuators and other transmission line 
components for the microwave industry.

In 1969, after ten years of growth and performance in this market, the company moved into its modern 
facility located in Mt. Kisco, NY. In the last thirty years it has continued to grow with concentration 
towards excellence in passive, coaxial microwave components. The present plant combines areas for 
research and development, metal fabrication, assembly, quality control, environmental testing, and 
general and administrative offices in twenty thousand square feet.

RLC prides itself on building from within, by expanding skills and educating our employees. this has 
enabled us to maintain high product quality and engineering excellence. This commitment to 
professionalism has provided a high level of competence and allows us to maintain our present 
position of leadership in the industry.

Any questions regarding the application of these products or requests for nonstandard items can be
referred to the RLC Application Engineering Department. We are most happy to assist you in the
selection of the proper components for your specific application. Our cage number is 12598. 
We welcome your comments and questions.

RLC Electronics, Inc. is committed to maintaining the highest level of quality to all customers. RLC 
received certification to ISO-9002 in December of 1995. Our dedication to customer service and 
quality makes us a "World Class Supplier" of precision microwave components.