Eastern Component Sales

Exxelia is a recognized designer and manufacturer of standard and custom capacitors for Aviation, Defense, Space, Rail, Medical, Telecom and other demanding Industrial applications.  Exxelia is expert in manufacturing different types of capacitors including tantalum, ceramic, film, RF and aluminum. They combine their expertise in capacitors and magnetic components to develop EMI-RFI low pass filters as well as EMC (tempest, IEMN) filters and shows strong know-how in designing and producing transformers, inductors, electrical motors and electromagnets. Exxelia offers a wide range of ceramic materials, frequency tuning elements and trimmer capacitors dedicated to RF applications and has been developing contact and contactless position sensors for nearly 20 years using different technologies: absolute or incremental, optical or magnetic (Hall effect) technologies. Slip rings and Rotary joints enable signals and/or power to be transmitted from a fixed part (stator) to a mobile part (rotor)

High power broadband couplers, combiners, resistors, terminations and attenuators.  

Waveguide, Circulators, Isolators, Iso-adapters,  Filters Waveguide Assemblies.

Flann Microwave designs Microwave components from 2-500GHz.  Adapters, End Launchers, Combiners, Couplers, Frequency Meters, Calibration Kits, Waveguide Switches, Loads/Terminations, and Antennas.

LDMOS, VDMOS, GaN , Broad Band RF Power Devices to 5Ghz

Macom is a world leader in microwave components including RF Power Products, Optoelectronics, Lightwave Components, Amplifiers, Diodes, Network Connectivity Solutions, Crosspoints and Signal Conditioners, Frequency Conversion, Control Products, Passives, SDI Products, Frequency Generation, Multifunction ICs & Modules, HDcctv Devices, Communications Processors

RF SAW Filters, IF SAW Filters, SAW Resonators, SAW Duplexers, SAW Oscillators, VCSOs, Crystal Resonators, Crystal Filters, Crystal Oscillators, VCOs, VCTXOs, and OCXOs

e2v offers high-performance, high-reliability semiconductor solutions including memory, DAC, ADC, Microprocessors and more.

Leading manufacturer of coaxial switches, band pass filters, precision attenuators and  passives.

High performance cable & cable assemblies to 60 GHz