Eastern Component Sales

RF SAW Filters, IF SAW Filters, SAW Resonators, SAW Duplexers, SAW Oscillators, VCSOs, Crystal Resonators, Crystal Filters, Crystal Oscillators, VCOs, VCTXOs, and OCXOs

RF Power Mosfets, Bipolar  & GaN Transistors, PIN Diodes, Varactor Diodes, Switches, LNAs, Attenuators, MMICs, and more.

Waveguide, Circulators, Isolators, Iso-adapters,  Filters Waveguide Assemblies.

e2v offers high-performance, high-reliability semiconductor solutions including memory, DAC, ADC, Microprocessors and more.

Ceramic multilayer Capacitors (RF & Microwave, High voltage, High capacitance values, high temperature applications). Military, Medical and Space Capacitors

High performance cable & cable assemblies to 60 GHz    

Proton Rad Hard 100+ Hybrid DC-DC converters, In-Rush Limiters, Solid State Relays, Power Bus Controllers, and POL DC-DC regulators.  Standard and Custom products.

Vertically integrated leader in Thin Film Technologies

Cooling Source has all your heat sink, precision engineering, plastic injection molding, assembly value added, rapid prototyping and production needs.  

LDMOS, VDMOS, GaN , Broad Band RF Power Devices to 5Ghz

High power broadband couplers, combiners, resistors, terminations and attenuators.  

Flann Microwave designs Microwave components from 2-500GHz.  Adapters, End Launchers, Combiners, Couplers, Frequency Meters, Calibration Kits, Waveguide Switches, Loads/Terminations, and Antennas.